About the Artist

About the Artist
   “Inside you there’s an artist you don’t know about.” Auguste Rodin I am continually evolving and trying to learn everything I can. Learning new techniques and gaining skills is the vehicle for that artistic expression. I believe that there is an artist within each person that breathes and have a true desire to share ...

Puzzle Pieces 1

Puzzle Pieces
 I created this Jewelry set for the wife of my friend. She has a beautiful, brilliant son whose birthday is in January. He also happens to be Autistic. My friend mentioned that he was looking for a charm or something to give her and I immediately had the thought, “I can make that”. The pendant ...

Cellini Spiral

Cellini Spiral
  This is one of the things upon which I’ve been working! I can finally divulge:) This is one of the projects from a Jewel School Institute Class that I’ll be teaching in March. Here’s the official blog for details: http://jewelrytelevision.typepad.com/jtv_blog/2013/01/jew.html Cellini Spiral

Top Secret…shhhhh

 I’ve been working on things, a lot of things really, but it’s all very hush hush. I am about to burst at the seams wanting to show you what I’m planning and the really cool photos I’ve been taking. Patience is not one of my strong points.

Full Persian Necklace 1

Full Persian Necklace
 I created this one a few years ago. It’s chunky and heavy, a very substantial piece. Full Persian is one of my favorite weaves. This one is made from Stainless Steel and Brass. The photo was taken in natural light on an overcast day.