“Inside you there’s an artist you don’t know about.” Auguste Rodin

I am continually evolving and trying to learn everything I can.

Learning new techniques and gaining skills is the vehicle for that artistic expression. I believe that there is an artist within each person that breathes and have a true desire to share what I’ve learned to help others discover their own artist. I credit the teachers I’ve had along the way for helping me grow. I especially credit my ownmistakes as I’ve learned the most from them. Art was always something other people made and an Artist was always someone with amazing talents that I would never be. I’ve been a videographer as a career for over 20 years and during most of that time I viewed creating as something I did in my spare time as a hobby. It wasn’t until I began to believe I had an artistic eye as a videographer and I saw the beauty in light and perspective that I saw myself as an artist. I then applied that attitude to everything I do. I believe that once a skill is learned then Art can be created. I am a Seamstress, Jewelry maker, Videographer, Photographer, Dancer and a Teacher. I am fortunate in my position as Jewelry Television’s Jewel School Coordinator to meet and learn from amazing Artists who are experts in their fields. And it is my goal to help every person I meet learn so they can embrace their own artist.

-Christiane D. Ross – Artist

  • Jewelry Television’s Jewel School Brand Coordinator and Jewel School Institute Instructor
  • Senior Level Art Clay Instructor
  • Gemological Institute of America Accredited Jewelry Professional

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