It’s not as easy as it looks 5

Outtakes from the European 4 in 1 Speedweaving tutorial I’m working on…

Happy Birthday to Me 4

This is my wonderful new pretty from my husband to celebrate the anniversary of my birth. It is so much cooler in person if you can imagine that. This is an Evil Eye pendant from Twisted Sister Arts on Etsy. I have been a long time admirer of the designer Jill Lawrence. She has such ...

Jessica & Phillip’s Wedding highlights

Jessica & Phillip’s Wedding Highlights

Heishi Chainmaille Necklace 1

Heishi Chainmaille Necklace
  This is the beginning of something awesome…or a big mess. The idea is to make individual dangles and weave them into chainmaille in a scalemalle pattern. We’ll see how this works out. UPDATE: 1/19/12 And this is how it turned out… I’m pretty pleased. Here’s the back.


Silks Nothing floats like silk. I custom dye dance silks in the form of veils and veil poi and have opened my own Etsy shop with these offerings.